The Innovation Space & Training Lab is available for our partners to utilise by  demonstrating vendor products and solutions within a state-of-the-art facility.

Customers can gain further insights surrounding adoption of emerging technologies  in the market and get hands-on with the latest product offerings. The purpose-built  space was opened in early 2019 and is proving to be a key component of our partner  offering.

Enabling customers to interact & evaluate technologies in a meaningful demonstration environment.

The Innovation Space is designed to run all of our solution capabilities in a reliable, simple & accurate manner. This ensures we can deliver the most valuable engagement possible throughout the sales consultation process.

The Innovation Space is centred around how to resolve customer needs and opportunities in the real workplace. It shows fully integrated deployments within one location, focusing on usability and adoption. We provide solutions that can be delivered today and also demonstrate upcoming technology innovations for business.

The Innovation Space includes automated content sharing, integrated device mobility and the complete suite of collaboration products and services.

What can the Innovation Space Showcase?

Some of the themes that are coming through regularly from the customer demonstrations are:

  • How do I leverage legacy equipment while sweating assets e.g boardroom hardware, PBX, existing infrastructure
  • How do we drive user adoption?
    • Change Management
    • User Uncertainty
    • Consistent Experience
  • We want a single user experience across our company e.g calling, meetings, video, service  
  • How might we get more from our licensing investments, e.g Office 365, Cisco
  • How does furniture play a role in the experience

Workplace solutions that we demonstrate in a live environment:

  • ReadyCloud Video (RCV)
  • Personal Video Meeting Room  (PVMR)
  • ReadyCloud Collaboration (RCC) and RCC portals
  • Webex
  • Contact Centre
  • Cloud Phone
  • Skype For Business
  • Meeting Room Services
  • Cloud Managed Network
  • Digital Signage
  • Microsoft Surface Hub 2S
  • Microsoft Enhanced Teams including Enterprise Voice
  • One Touch Join MS Teams to Cisco Endpoint


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