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Software plays an important part on how your phone operates which is why it is important to understand the common things that can affect the performance of your phone’s software.


With the rapid increase in their functionality, mobile phones have also become cameras, portable computers, games consoles, and multi-media communications tools. With add-on apps and large amounts of data being stored on them there is an increasing risk of software conflicts and performance issues.


Here are a few things that can affect your phones performance.

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Jail-breaking or Rooting your phone by installing software that is not approved by your network operator voids warranty and may cause your phone to crash or affect its' ability to connect to the network.

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Not all apps available for download will be compatible with your phone or software version.  They may cause freezing, crashing or slow performance.

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Allowing the internal memory on your phone to reach maximum capacity will slow down your phone’s operating system potentially causing it to freeze

Our Tips


If you are experiencing problems with your phones software, follow our tips below to improve its performance:

Always back-up the data on your phone to your computer, Cloud storage or save to an external memory card

Do not allow your phones internal memory to reach capacity and set it to save to the external memory instead

Only upgrade software to your phone that is approved by the manufacturer and for your network operator

Delete apps that crash as they are most likely not compatible with your phone

Reset your phone by doing a hard reset, or by removing the battery; waiting 30 seconds and then reinserting the battery

Most phones have the options under settings to allow a factory reset. This will restore your phone to factory default settings. Make sure you first back-up your data!

While these tips may be helpful, there are several factors that could also influence the performance of your phones software. Please refer your phone to your service centre if you experience on-going software problems.