physical damage

It can be extremely frustrating when your phone stops working. But it is not always due to a manufacturing issue.


Mobile phones are generally designed to withstand wear and tear and are normally quite tough, however, physical damage can occur through everyday use and, whether intentional or not, will void your warranty. Take charging your phone for example. If the cable is not inserted or removed correctly, the connector can be damaged, or bent and your warranty voided.


Here are a few other things that may cause your phone's warranty to be void due to physical damage.


Phone with smashed screen

A handset dropped on to a hard surface can jar components from the circuit board and crack sensitive devices (LCD screen), which voids manufacturer and extended warranties. In some cases, physical damage is not externally visible

concrete cutter throwing out lots of dust

Excessive dust and dirt can have a detrimental effect to PCB's and components. Phones should be kept away from dusty, dirty conditions.

Phone casing damaged

Chewed or twisted antennas and heavily scratched or damaged casings can badly affect the protection the casings provide, allowing in dirt and moisture. Badly damaged casings and outer plastics can be deemed out of warranty.

Our Tips


To help protect your phone from physical damage, follow our tips below to assist with keeping your phone in a warranty condition:

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Use a protective cover or pouch

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Don't throw your phone around

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Don't force the charger into the connector

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Avoid putting the phone in your back pocket, or front shirt pocket

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Avoid extremely dusty or dirty conditions