liquid damage

Everyone knows that water and electrical products don't go well together. But just how much is needed to kill your phone or void your warranty?


There are numerous scenarios where moisture/liquid can contaminate a phone. Even trace amounts of liquid will cause the board and circuitry to become permanently damaged. The phone does not necessarily have to be splashed, soaked or immersed in liquid to be damaged, excessive humidity and slight moisture can be just as dangerous to the circuitry.


Here are a few things that will enable moisture to affect your phone


Girl using phone in the rain

Using your phone in the rain exposes liquid to areas where moisture can enter a handset; data connector, charging port, antenna, headset jack, keypad, SD card slots, microphone and speaker holes and the screen.

Cleaning products

Liquids that can damage your phone are not restricted to water. Any liquid, including chemicals, will cause damage to the circuit board and components. Some liquids will cause the damage more quickly than others

Condensation running down glass

Places that are steamy or have a high humidity level, such as the bathroom when you shower, will allow moisture to permeate through all available entry points in your phone.  You may not even see any signs of moisture on the phone

Our Tips


To help protect your phone from liquid damage, follow our tips below to assist with keeping your phone in a warranty condition:

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Use a protective cover or pouch

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Use a dry cloth to clean the screen

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Avoid using your phone in the rain unless under cover

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Avoid taking your phone into rooms where there will be a lot of steam

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Keep your phone in a dry bag when at the beach or on the boat