battery life

There are several reasons why the battery on your phone may drain quickly, and potentially shorten the battery's life.


Obviously, the more you use the phone, and the more features of it you use, the faster the battery will drain. But what you may not know is that a weak network signal can also affect your battery performance.


Here are a few other things that may cause your battery to drain quickly.


Bright glowing phone

Setting the LCD brightness high, or using the phone with the screen on for prolonged periods of time will drain your battery

Phone with applications streaming out of it

Applications that require data connections (online games, email, youtube) will drain your battery faster. Even when they are not open, applications will continue to run and use data connections if they need to.

WiFi and Bluetooth logos

Using bluetooth,  wifi or GPS will affect the length of time your battery lasts. If there isn't an available connection the phone will continually search for one.

Our Tips


If you are experiencing short battery life with your phone, follow our tips below for improving  battery performance:

Power Button

Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS when they aren't being used

Power Button

Close all running applications that are not in use

Power Button

Turn on your power saving feature if available

Power Button

Set your screen to switch off after 1 minute or less of inactivity

Power Button

Set your screen brightness to low